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    Independent Revision of Social Management Strategies

    Project Cerrejon, Colombia

    Cerrejon is the largest coal mine in the world and the largest mineral exporter in Colombia. This operation is a joint venture between Anglo American, BHP-Billiton and Xstrata Coal. In 2008, the company decided to form a Panel of Independent International Experts to evaluate their social management strategies. SCG prepared a report for this Panel that included findings and recommendations regarding the company’s relationship with La Guajira’s neighboring communities. This was an important contribution to the Panel’s final report on the company’s social responsibility.

    Throughout 2009, SCG revised the progress made towards implementing the Panel’s recommendations. The local stakeholder’s perceptions and expectations were identified, with particular attention being paid to the communities from the mine’s area of influence. The report published by SCG verified the progress made towards fulfilling the commitments made to the Panel and strengthened dialogue between the local stakeholders and the company regarding actions to be taken to fulfill targets still pending at the time.