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    Land Acquisition and Compensation for those Affected Plan (LACAP)

    Via Expresa Sur, Peru

    The Metropolitan Municipality of Lima awarded Graña y Montero the concession for the construction of the southern stretch of the current Via Expresa in Lima. This is to be a 4.6km long, high speed, urban road, which will provide rapid access to the south of Lima, the area within the country’s capital with the most urban growth.

    SCG drafted the social part of the LACAP and carried out the participatory consultation necessary for liberating the lands required to build the new road, which must be included in the EIA. Once the Ministry of Transport and Communications approves the LACAP, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima can start to implement the project. SCG is implementing the LACAP’s social programs to resettle and provide support for the 160 families and 350 small businesses currently located in the new road’s route.