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    Implementation of Community Relations Strategy and Technical Assistance

    Veracruz Hydroelectric Power Station, Peru

    This Project involved the construction and operation of a Hydroelectric Power Station to use the water from the Marañon River to generate electricity by building a dam. The Compania Energetica Veracruz required a Modification of its Environmental Impact Analysis (MEIA).

    SCG was hired to implement the Project’s community relations strategy which ensured that the Baseline studies were completed on time during the MEIA’s field activities.

    Community relations activities were carried out in 33 villages from 6 districts in the Amazonas region and 9 in the Cajamarca region, along both sides of the Marañon River. SCG’s service included designing and implementing the communications and public consultation mechanisms, recruiting local workers for the field work, obtaining permits for the use of private land and providing social support for the local population.

    Parallel to this, SCG provided technical assistance to the company for drafting their Social Baseline and Participation Plan.