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    Social Management

    Cerro de Oro Hydroelectric Project, Mexico

    The Cerro de Oro Hydroelectric Project, owned by COMEXHIDRO, planned to generate 14.5MW of energy from the Cerro de Oro reservoir that stores water from the Santo Domingo River. This reservoir is located near Tuxtepec city, in the state of Oaaxaca in Mexico. It is surrounded by various ejidos, or common lands. These are a form of collective-use rural lands, which are run like a community.

    Throughout 2010 and 2011, SCG was asked to revise existing information on social and environmental issues. We also provided advice for the design of an adequate communications strategy for meetings with the communities from the project area and trained the company’s staff in community relations. Advisory services were also provided for the design of a social investment program for the area. The objective of these activities was to improve the project’s social management strategies and minimize the challenges and difficulties of the context it was working in.