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    Social Impact Study and Implementation of the LOM Program

    Shahuindo Project, Cajamarca, Peru

    The Shahuindo Project was a gold and silver deposit located in the south of the Cajamarca department. It belongs to the Sulliden Shahuindo Mining Company. At the time Cajamarca was the area with the most mining projects in Peru. During 2012 and 2013 it was also the area that most opposed mining.

    SCG worked with the Project from February 2010 until May 2013. It was responsible for the social component of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment. This included a Baseline study in 14 villages in the region and a public consultation process, with SCG providing both senior advisory services and carrying out direct field implementation (community relations). The consultation process included more than 25 informative workshops, 90 informative visits, 23 guided tours of the Project, 67 informative talks, 7 open houses and the installment of two informative offices. A central part of this process was the public hearing, carried out in March 2013, in which approximately 2,000 people participated without incidents.

    The project’s ESIA was approved in September 2013 by the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

    Parallel to this, SCG also designed and implemented a labor-training program with 151 local residents  during 8 training courses. Furthermore, a technical assistance program was implemented for local businesses, which provided more than 150 businesses with technical assistance so as they could comply with the Project’s standards and increase their access to the regional market.