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    Due Dilligence

    Cubujuqui Hydroelectric Project, Costa Rica

    In 2009 SCG participated in the due diligence process for the Cubujuqui hydroelectric project, located in the North-East of Costa Rica, in order to evaluate the level of social risk associated with its development. COOPELESCA, the company responsible for the Project,aimed to use the water from the Cubujuqui river to produce around 20 Megawatts for the region.

    Tourism is one of the main cornerstones for development in Costa Rica and environmental protection is one of the most important points within its legislation and culture. Therefore, despite hydroelectric projects being sources of clean and renewable energy, their implementation is subject to rigorous inspections from both the State and civil society.

    SCG participated in this process through the Consultancy Mott MacDonald, as requested by the Dutch FMO bank and the German DGA bank. The social evaluation standards used by the Project were the World Bank’s IFC standards.