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Interactively incentivize team driven markets and accurate meta-services. Progressively engage cutting-edge catalysts for change after efficient potentialities. Professionally generate extensive process improvements for process-centric niche markets. Dramatically initiate end-to-end niches whereas integrated best practices. Professionally envisioneer ethical results rather than team building synergy.
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    Implementation and Outsourcing Services

    We have implemented different activities, concerning all aspects of social management for our clients. We provide teams that are specialized and trained to develop resettlement programs, negotiate land access, strengthen local businesses, promote participation, implement community relations strategies, work on social investment and manage information. Part of the implementation of these programs includes developing communications plans, along with network and image management.

    Resettlement and Land Acquisition

    We have evaluated, strategically advised and implemented different services for both physical and economic resettlement and also for land acquisition. Our experience covers both rural and urban contexts, in both extractive and infrastructure projects. The implementation of these processes includes the participation of and consultation with the population involved, along with the application of international standards. We have overseen successful resettlements with vulnerable populations, indigenous populations, artisan fishermen and urban populations in precarious situations.

    Community Relations

    Many of our clients ask for a SCG team to be present in the field to implement community relations strategies, negotiate with their interest groups, and carry out public consultations, communications and specific social programs. Our service includes a an Integrated Social Management and Information System, that is tailored to our clients’ requirements and international best practices and that generates real time reports. We have implemented community relations strategies for projects for the infrastructure, energy, mining, oil and gas sectors

    Generation of Opportunities Locally – Business (GOL - Business)

    The GOL – Business Program promotes economic inclusion of the neighboring population through local businesses. First, commercial and productive opportunities generated by the Project or Operation are identified. Next, training and technical accompaniment activities are carried out with local enterprises and suppliers so as they can make the most of these opportunities. The program aims to avoid dependency on the project, promote inclusion in other markets and make the most of the funds and resources available in diverse State programs.

    Generation of Opportunities Locally – Employment (GOL - Employment)

    The GOL – Employment Program involves collaborating with our clients in the administration of local employment. This has included the design and implementation of training programs that integrate the Project’s needs, existing labor opportunities and the population’s levels of education. We have also carried out participatory labor registrations to organize the distribution of local employment opportunities and prevent conflicts.

    Participatory Consultations

    SCG designs and implements public consultations in the field in order to positively involve the population in project development. This also ensures compliance with international standards and local laws. This process has included carrying out successful public hearings in complex social contexts and applying communications tools aimed at diverse audiences, from State officials to indigenous populations.

    Social Information Systems

    We provide our clients with online information tools, which allow them to improve the systematization, monitoring and supervision of all of their social management processes and programs. Our system has been implemented for all types of projects, in different countries and languages, both for operational management and for fulfilling the requirements set out by financial organizations and external auditors.