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    Social Management Advisory Services

    Taca Taca Project, Argentina

    Taca Taca is an important copper project located in the Andes department (Salta province), near the Argentina-Chile border. SCG worked with the Taca Taca and Lumina Capital team from 2011 to 2014. The service provided by SCG included identifying the social opportunities, designing the social strategy and action plan for the public consultation and social management.

    The strategy took the area’s specific social context into consideration. The Andes department has a low population density and its 5600 inhabitants live in an area larger than El Salvador. The majority of its residents live 6 hours away from the Taca Taca Project in the capital of San Antonio de los Cobres. The closest settlement is the municipal capital of Tolar Grande (population: 100) which is 30 kilometers away from the Project.

    The department’s economy is largely based on the exploration and development of mining activities. Tourism also contributes to the local economy, although to a lesser extent. Agricultural and livestock activities have little importance in the area. Within the potential project area, there are no households agriculture or ranching.